Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Piece At A Time

Yesterday after work,I decided to watch the Glenn Beck show,he talked with an audience of small business owners and how they had gotten where they where and how hard it is becoming to now start small businesses,what with all the red tape and rules.
Glenn said something very interesting,he said that when ever we start a new project we are first told it can not be done,then we are laughed at and lastly we are accepted by others once we accomplish our success.
I have to admit I have seen this several times in our own church.When we first decided to start our monthly community meal we were told it was not in the church budget and it would not be successful,but when we became successful,the number of people there to assist us grew from 4 serves to now 10 on a good night.
Glenn also talked about like mindedness coming together to help each other.
He said when God wants us to do things he gives us one thing to do then when we do what he tells us he then gives us another thing to do but now with the help of another like minded person.
God may say "here is a red box.Now pick up your box and go stand on the corner over there".We may not understand why we are to do this,but if we do what we are told, sure enough someone will come along and say "I have been looking all over for a red box,come with me and I will show you what we can do with your box".
I have found this to also be very true.
When my mother became sick with cancer my husband,who at the time was my boyfriend, and I decided it was time for us to get married.Since we did not want to be married by a Justice of the Peace,my brother in law told us about Fr. Peter being the new priest at his church.Before I knew it one thing led to another and now not only am I married but also converted to Orthodoxy and assist our church with multiple functions,when ever possible.
Who would have know one step would lead to another.
I guess God does not want to frighten or overwhelm us by giving us to much information at one time,so instead,he puts the pieces of the puzzle together so slowly that we do not even realize we are making progress.Then one day we look back and become breathless by all we have been allowed to achieve, not just by our selves but with the help of those around us,both friends and strangers alike.

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