Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hearing From God

The one thing I have learned about hearing from God is it never really happens when I expect it to.
Many is the time I have been in prayer,stopped to be still in contemplation,so has to hear God ever present voice,only to find he has nothing to say,so I assume.
I think this happens because I am in a state of not asking,or listening with a real need.
This morning while in my car driving to run an errand,I was mulling over in my mind why my husband and I were having a disagreement.
Now I felt in my heart of hearts that my opinion was correct and his was wrong.
That I could see the bigger more spiritual picture and he was focusing on the more earthly side of it.
In frustration I said "Lord why are you putting me in this situation when I know that I'm right and he is not seeing the big picture here?" To which I heard a voice say "because you need to be the example."
At that point I amusingly thought "sure make me be the example,its all about me doing all the work again."
These usually seem to be the times when I get answers because,I guess,these are the times when I'm just plain simple and honest with him.
Ask a simple question get a simple answer,that's what I've learned.
True proper prayer and meditation helps us to get to the point of cleansing our selves to focus better, but sometimes I think God just likes us to lay it on the table and honestly talk to him like any one else.
I am always very surprised at the answers he gives me because there never what I think it will be,its always something I never would have thought of and that's usually how I know the answers are from him.
I guess "keep it simple stupid" should be part of our prayer routine every now and then,at least for me anyways.

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