Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shared Burdens

Out of a seven day period this week,I have worked six of them.
Basically 3 days on,one day off and then three more days on.
Now for most people who work a Monday through Friday job it probably sounds rather childish of me to be complaining when most people work 5 days straight,then get their week end off.
The thing with my schedule is it is so filled with activity that it does not allow me to assess all the things that have taken place,both good and bad.
I have had multiple head spinning days,where I am over burden by situations of multiple kinds and the knowledge that I can not possibly act and react to things all at once but feel that I need to.
Some days I just want to change my name,can 5 people really be calling me all at the same time and how do I react by not sounding rude or frustrated.
Being a nurse requires me to not make mistakes but it also requires me to listen to everyone and react immediately.
Tonight was our community meal at our church.This meal always allows me to feel at peace,even when those around me are reacting to their assigned jobs,not always so harmoniously.
To say we always get along well would be unnatural at best, but Fr.Peter always says you should be able to disagree with each other but always come back in peace and work together for a positive outcome.
And we do.
When ever you try to do a job with a group of educated people everyone feels they have the best ideas and solutions,its a good way to learn humility because even if you do have the best idea,you have to be willing to allow others to preform the task has they feel is best.
You just can't be in control of every thing all the time.
When we do our community meal the burden of every thing does not sit on my shoulders,instead it is a shared weight for a good cause with loving and concerned people.
Tonight our frustrations seemed to be with the fact that we have a Turkey shoot tomorrow evening and the people interested in this event found it frustrating to be asked to wait until our meal was over,before rushing to set up their event.
See one of the biggest problems our Church has is friction between that which makes money and that which assist the community and makes spirituality.
Its good to have these two polar opposites to face each other because it causes us to try and keep a balance.
A church needs to raise money to keep it running but it also needs to help people in the community in order to be what a church is suppose to be,a glorification of God.
So with some abrasion we were able to work things out and go from a community meal to a Turkey Shoot set up in a matter of minutes.
Once again trying to balance the pendulum of peace.

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