Saturday, October 9, 2010

True Wealth

Today was our church yard sale and has par for the course we spend a great deal of time and energy to make very little money.
Now most people would consider such a project not worth the effort, but they would be missing the big picture,see we don't do this for the currency,we do it for the sense of satisfaction and pleasure each person receives at meeting,greeting and talking with those who enter our humble abode.
We are a small church but even sparse numbers can accomplish great things and besides you never know when God will be impressed enough with us to allow an emotional healing of those we come in contact with.
What did our day truly bring us?
First it started with morning prayer in the chapel,then Fr.Peter harvesting the rest of his vegetable crop,basket in hand,lunch for those who were hungry for both food and talk, with at one point all the tables filled with laughing,happy people.
Next a friend of mine stopped for a visit and I was able to introduce her to church members,then take her out to what was left of Fr. Peters garden,since she also is a new vegetable grower her self.
Has we walked around the church grounds,she asked me what sort of church and faith this was and I was able to talk to her about some basic principles of Orthodoxy.
Later,has the day dragged by and our sale was coming to a close,one of my fellow parishioners and I started putting things away and cleaning up,she and I talked about nursing school and how her daughter was doing,being a new student to the program.
When my husband entered the hall to take things away,he said "This is to much work and were not doing this again next year" I laughed and thought to myself those are usually my words but for some strange reason this year,they never even entered my mind.
And although some of the other participants felt it was necessary to tell me how bad they felt because it was not a financial success,I felt proud of the fact that we had accomplished the real goal,that of being a family and inviting people into our warm loving home.
Money isn't everything but we did accomplish what our real aim was,and few people understood,that of cementing our future,not with cash but with true christian love and how can that be considered not of great in wealth.

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