Monday, November 1, 2010

Women Get Out And Vote !

I have been a registered Republican since I was the legal voting age.And although it can be very upsetting,being a conservative in a state of Democrats,I still vote in every election that this town,state and country holds.
We has Americans are given a very special privilege of this thing called "a vote".Many countries do not enjoy this freedom and for the most part our votes do count,even if there may be a bit of fraud here or there.
It is especially important for women to vote.Not because we hold the purse strings and run the house holds, but because back before the 1920's women were not allowed the luxury of picking those who would run the government.Women had to literally fight for their rights with shear strength of will.
We as women owe it to our female ancestors,who felt the right to vote was important enough to be beaten,jailed and ridiculed,to stand up and make our voices heard.
Not having the time or being to tired is not a good enough reason to not find some time in your busy day to get out and do your civic duty.
The suffragettes of the 1920's did all the hard work and took all the physical and verbal blows so we,the women of today, could walk into our local polling places and make a difference in the governorship of our country.
In this country not much is asked from us,but if we refuse to speak out how can we complain about our rights being violated or our voices being shut down?
Now I must tell you most of the years I have voted very few of my candidates have won,remember I'm a red puppy in a blue dog state.But even so I would never give up my opportunity to vote.
Being an optimist puts me in the position of thinking "well maybe next election this state will smarten up and vote like me".
After all I always believe I'm voting for the right person,don't you?
So take a stand tomorrow and vote,your grandmothers and great grandmothers would be proud of you.

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