Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choose Peace

Do you know that you can choose to live in peace?
Peace is not something that just happens it's an active decision you make to not allow the issues around you to bring you into a state of disharmony.
I have decided that in order to feel true peace I must work at not allowing the other guy to fill my mind with negative emotions like fear,worry, anxiety or discontent.
Every day we must affirm that with the help of God we will not allow negative emotions to pull us in a down ward motion.
We can not be at peace if we do not think about and firmly resolve,everyday,that to be unhappy is to be Un-God like.
God tells us many times in the Bible to come to him with our worries and troubles and to be at peace.
Now I know that being positive is not something everyone can do,but type A personality or not,we can not handle all things alone and how much more freeing it is when we can cast our worry and anxiety to the wind and let the chips fall where they may.
To be to controlling about everything in life is to be prideful,feeling we know better then God and can work things out with out him.
When we resolve to stop this constant rattle in our brains of negativism we begin to understand what solitude and peace is about.
Unfortunately when we do have these break thoughts,the Devil will try and play harder with our minds and emotions,pushing us deeper into despair.
You know just because the evil one knows we are now with God by faith does not mean he will not try to make us miserable by confusion.
When we choose to be christian we also choose to be ambassadors.
If we are the poster children for Jesus then we must also understand that we must now change our attitudes to be more positive and at peace,more in line with Jesus teachings.
Choosing not to be at our best makes us bad promoters,lets face it who wants to hear from depressed,sad,angry,worried people who call them selves Christians.
It doesn't exactly promote the cause,if you know what I mean.

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