Thursday, October 7, 2010

Following An Urge

Did you ever have a time when you weren't sure why but you had an urge to do something nice for a total stranger.
I remember once, many years ago,I had bought a small statue of St.Francis Of Assisi.With this statue came a free gift,it was a medal of him on a chain.
Not knowing what to do with this chain,I decided to just hang it off of my rear view mirror.
1 year later while in a christian gift shop looking for something for a friend,I went up to the counter to pay for my purchase and was about to walk out the door when I heard a lady ask the clerk if he had a St.Francis medal and chain.To which he answered he did not.
I walked out to my car looked at my chain,pulled it off the mirror and reluctantly walked back into the store hoping I could find the woman and give her the chain,which would be difficult since I had not seen her face but only heard her voice.
At the register stood a lady whom I walked up to and asked her if she was the one looking for the St.Francis medal? she replied yes,to which I handed her my medal on the chain.
The woman smiled so broadly you'd have thought I'd handed her the saint himself and she then thanked me.
I very quickly walked out the door and tried to regain my composure since I was rather embarrassed by the whole situation.
Has I drove home I began to feel very happy that for what ever reason this whole incident was meant to be.
Now that I understand that God works in strange ways,I try to always do what I feel the spirit is moving me to do,even when it seems odd or strange.
You never know what the whole story is about but God does and that explanation just has to be good enough for us to simply obey.

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Laura said...

Funny, your story brought back to me something that happened in New York a few years back.
A woman was attending an event which called for the wearing of a head scarf in church. Seeing she had none, I pulled one out of my suitcase, which I brought along, "just in case."
This saved her from being turned away, and lo and behold it was a perfect match to her outfit.