Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today while at work,my friend and fellow nurse,Debbie,told me this had been a difficult week for her because it was one year ago since she had to have her horse Sundance put to sleep.She had decided the time had come to take his picture off her computer screen saver and continue to bond with her other horse Buddy,who is now her companion.
I like to talk with Deb about horses,Since they are such a big expense to own and up keep,not many people I know have them.
Right after I graduated high school one of my friends' and I used to go riding at a near by stable rather often.
After picking the horses we were going to ride,we'd brush and comb them,clean their hoofs,wipe down the tack,ride them then turn them out into the Fields and watch them graze.
Someone asked me,the other day why girls like horses so much,I teased and said its all about being in the saddle,but really I think horses are to girls what sports cars are to guys.
Big powerful engines that are under your control.
There is nothing better then galloping through a field with the wind blowing through your hair and the sound of this great beast under your control with very little safety.
I guess girls like horses because they are soft breathing beings who can be very affectionate one minute and a powerful locomotion the next.
I can tell you,from my own perspective,that I love the smell of a horse and leather,nothing is more basic then these earthy odors.
This time of year always brings out the urge in me to trail ride through the woods and take in the cool crisp October air,while admiring nature from the vantage point of being perched atop a saddle.
To me a horse is one of Gods most beautiful and sleekest creatures.
They posses not only power but grace.
There is nothing quite so wonderful has watching several horses in a paddock running through the field with each other or seeing a young colt exploring life next to the watchful eye of its mother.
I guess horses,like sports cars,are an acquired taste but once their in your blood its hard to shake.

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