Monday, October 11, 2010

Holding On To Junk

Today I came across a TV program called hoarding.This is a great shows to watch if you need motivation to start cleaning your house,and trust me I do.
This program is about people who not only have messy houses they have unlivable,junk filled houses.
In this country we all have way to much stuff that we think is important,even if we cant find it,remember we have it or have any plans to ever use it in the future.Its all precious and important.We lose sight of the difference between a want and a need.
Last Saturday we had our October yard sale.It always strikes me how people can not let things go.Everyone ask me,multiple times,what I do with the things that we don't sell. They have a hard time understanding that I give most of it away to a charity.
To me if you have given me something that we are unable to sell why should you be upset about helping another charity make money? Why not give what you deem a cast off to someone who might truly enjoy and make use of it?
I even had one parishioner tell me not to get rid of her back massager to this charity but keep it for next year,because it is brand new and should not be just gotten rid of.
Maybe I'm wrong but if you are giving away something why do you still need to have control over who does and does not receive your item? Its a material possession not your kidney.
Many people are poor and in need,they are not fortunate enough to make allot of money and being able to buy something good from a second hand store,that you no longer want or need,should make you very happy.
One day a preacher was speaking,she told a story about how she and her husband were driving by a junk yard and he remarked "look at all that stuff,I'll bet at one time it was all very precious to the owner.They may have worked very hard,scrimping and saving and now look at it just a pile of rusted broken junk."
In the end that is what our material possessions become,a pile of junk.
Fr. Peter always tells us about a country song that states "I've never seen a hoarse with a luggage rack."
In the end its all material and to hold on,even when you've give something away,is just a sign of control.
When you are given things be willing,with open hands,to give to those who ask.
This is not only what Jesus says but its what God demands.
To loose your soul over an object that will end up in a junk yard not only says very little about who we are but is also truly sad.

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