Monday, October 25, 2010

Healings / Cures

Seems today is a bad day for my friend with M.S.
She is in great pain and unable to walk.
So what now? well we do for our friends what we can.We reach out,comfort and say prayers because God in his infinite wisdom knows the hows and whys not us.
We are not privy to the rest of the story only bits and pieces.
It makes me very sad when I see people in pain and although I can not feel what she feels physically,I can feel emotionally what she is going through.
We has Christians believe that prayer can heal but this is a two way street.The person asking for the healing and the person in need of the healing must both have great belief that what ever the out come is,it is in God hands not ours.
God will be done.
I once read somewhere that there is a difference between a healing and a cure.
You can be healed physically,mentally or emotionally but not be cured from your disease.
You may also be cured from a sickness but not healed from what you have and are going through in other areas of you being.
Either way it all sits in the hands of God.
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Fr. Peter says its because we are fallen by nature.
I guess like Adam and Eve we too are destined to end up deceased,at least physically not spiritually.
God does not make us sick to punish us or the ones around us.But he does allow those who are near by to be given the opportunity to be better persons through our illnesses.
We are our brothers keepers and that means through sickness and health.
We are allowed to be better people because we have extended the hand of God through us to the body of another,who is made in the image of Christ.
Never look bad things in the eye and think nothing good can come out of them,have faith enough to understand that we see bits and pieces of a puzzle but not the whole picture.
It is our job here on earth to be a blessing to someone every day of our lives and sometimes our blessing are small and sometimes they are great.

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