Monday, October 18, 2010


Saturday morning we left for Pennsylvania to attend a wedding of my husband,cousin,daughter.
When I awoke,at about 2 am,on Saturday morning,I could feel my ears filling up with fluid and a slight fever.
Now I'm no baby and besides the suitcases were packed,so we were going,end of story.
The night before I had decided to make beef stew to take with us.I put it in my crock pot at 8pm to be ready by morning,But alas I had set the pot on low instead of high,so the potatoes were not fully cooked.
O.K. I can adjust,I put what we were taking with us,into a pot and let it cook,on the stove, for an about an hour,then packed it for our up coming adventure.
Once in the car Vic set the GPS for the route he wanted to take.After riding down the road for 20 minutes it became apparent the GPS wanted to take its own route,with some reprogramming and not so nice words,on my husbands part,we were ready to resume our adventure.
Tings were working out,rather nicely until our friend, Tom Tom,messed up in the middle of Hartford,with more swearing and throwing of the GPS to the floor,I decided to pull out the atlas and become tom tom back up.Checking and rechecking correctness the old fashioned paper map way.
About 2 hours into the trip it became rather apparent that Vic's heart and patients were not into this whole wedding in Hershey Pennsylvania thing.
Finally I told him "Look I don't know why your so angry but if you really don't want to go lets turn around and go home,because 6 more hours of this and I'll be jumping out of the window and walking home."
To which he added "your right I'll calm down."
At noon we stopped at a rest area to heat up our stew on the propane stove,suddenly the wind began to gust and it became very cold.
Eating fast was now on the agenda and although I'd forgotten to add salt,it did turn out to be filling and healthy,though bland.
Four hours later we made it to our destination,the GPS told us to take a right turn, ending up on a dug up dirt road.We both agreed that this just didn't seem like the place you would stick a Hilton Hotel.Turning around we saw the hotel across the street,oh well not to far off I guess.
After checking in at the lobby we journeyed up to our room,then found our friends and family members.We cleaned up and were off to the brides rehearsal dinner.
Driving up to the house we found multiple cars in the driveway but no one home.Thinking we had missed them,it was decided to go to the Manson where the meal was being held,only to find out we were first at the wrong Manson and second the bridal party was still in the back yard going through their rehearsal.
With new directions in hand we came upon a very french,ornate Manson complete with velvet drapes and gold hand painted vases.
The food was wonderfully french with cream,butter and cheese on every thing.A killer meal laden with cholesterol.Viva La France...
We ended the meal with homemade dark cherry brandy,which the bride father had made from cherries grown in his back yard,one year before his passing.
It was the best brandy I have ever had and wished I'd had the recipe.
Has we were leaving I turned Vic attention to an urn with Napoleon painted,we then walk out the dining area only to find my rather small brother in law sitting in a very large high backed,red velvet chair,slouching and looking defeated.It reminded me of a painting I once saw of Napoleon,I remarked to Nick that he looked much like this painting to which he added "But I'm taller".
The next morning after a rather large breakfast,we decided to spend our three free hours at the Gettysburg Battle Field.
I do love Gettysburg and while roaming along the monuments we stumbled across a group of re-enactors from Ohio,who had set up a small encampment and a telegraph system,my husband,an engineer,found this to be very informative and decided when he got home to investigate the works of said machine more closely.
I on the other hand,learned that most telegraphs during the war were run by women,since the men where gone.They were so effective that when the telephone came into being women where chosen to be operators.
After several hours of quite strolling it was time to head bad for the big event.
The bride could not have chosen a more beautiful day for an out door service,with everything coming off very smoothly.
The reception was held in Hershey the Hershey Hotel,with all having a great time,meeting old relatives and eating way to much rich food.It seemed to end to soon.
Since we had not brought our car,we were invited by the bride's mother to ride back in the limo with 12 other people.
Every thing was great,people laughing and talking,arrangements of flowers every where,but 15 minutes into the trip ,Maria,the bride mother,and a doctor,asked everyone to be quite,so she could talk on her cell phone.
It seems the groom had a migraine headache and took an ultram,but had forgotten he had been drinking,causing him to pass out.The bride,being scared was not sure what to do for her new husband.
Phone calls were made to 911 from the limo and,to the frustration of the brides brother,all sorts of ridicules questions were being asked,which had nothing to do with said patient.
The limo then was turned around and we all headed back to the hotel.
Upon arrival at the hotel,both doctors in our limo jumped out and ran up to the grooms room to find the EMT there and the groom,though embarrassed, feeling somewhat better.
We made it back to our hotel at about 2 am. I had a cup of chamomile tea,then fell asleep immediately.
Monday I awoke to a slight fever and cough and spent the whole trip home blowing my nose,drinking water and trying to stay awake.I don't like to sleep when I'm alone with someone on a trip,I'm afraid they also will fall asleep,from boredom.
The last 100 hundred miles seemed to drag,I could not believe how long it took 5 miles to go by,never mind one hundred.
All in all we had a wonderful,though drama filled,weekend and I'm glad to be home.
I now plan on gargling with warm salt water,taking some Tylenol and going to bed,because I feel my fever coming back.
I can tell you at this point,boredom,sometimes can be under rated.

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