Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Types of Beliefs

I have always wondered about people who say they believe in God but seem to want to live in remorse and sorrow.
It almost seems that there are two types of religious believers,those who live by the Crucifixion and those by the Resurrection.
Some people see religion and God as a joyful wonderful thing they see and feel the Resurrection.
Like the sun is ever around them embracing them with love and kindness. Always ready to help others,understanding that the bible talks of peace and love and knowing Jesus and all his glory is alive and everywhere.
People who feel Christianity is a happy thing and want to share this love with the rest of the world around them.
The other sect seems to feel that the most important thing about Jesus was not just the Resurrection but the death and suffering on the cross.
They feel that Gods' power can be very frightening, that deep worship and clouded skies is for us here on earth until we can be in the glory of God when we are raised up on the last day.
These people tend to be more drawn to the pain and suffering choosing to feel prayer should be a dark and heavy thing,more like the suffering of Christ,in intensity .
I tend to believe the first more then the second.
I feel being a believer in Christ has lightened my load,given me some one to turn to in times of need and praying light heartily for the joy of prayer and connection.
Now this does not mean that those who choose a life of fervent prayer in darkened rooms are wrong it just means they are different then my own beliefs and maybe its good to see both sides of religion.dark and heavy but light an freeing.
It seems Orthodoxy is allot like this.
Some people are very into the darkroom,drawn curtains,heavy incense,small candles,very reverent and deep.
While others are into the bright sunlight,gifts of nature,prayer with music and joy in the word and in the heart.
Has I have come to see in order to be one united Christian Orthodox Church we need to understand that both deep and dark and light and uplifting are like opposite ends of a prayer rope which meets in the middle at the cross.
Seems we both get to the same point we just take different roads to get there.

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