Monday, September 13, 2010

Spiritual Commonality

There are times when I have to admit,I get the odd feeling that we Jesus believers tend to circle around the world until we bump into each other.
It's funny how you can meet up with a fellow Christian,not even from your own faith and hit it off like lost souls linking up to each other in what feels like a friendship you have had in common for a lifetime,but really just started.
Saturday,while I was at work, one of the lab techs came in to the nurses station and for some odd reason we started to talk about religion and it just felt as if we had a wave or vibration between us.
We gained in 20 minutes great insight from each other and our spiritual travels,so to speak.
Today my cousin,whom I have not spoken with in almost a year,sent me a very sweet and loving email for no reason at all except to say she loved and prayed for me today,it seems she had a need to tell me this and I gratefully replied,with a thank you.
We think we spend our lives alone and has Christians can sometimes feel like its a long and lonely battle with the world.
We fear ridicule in a very secular environment and do not take the time to speak has freely about God and love has we should.
Maybe has we get older we become more sentimental,but I feel has Christians we need to unite and let go of our difference. To find our true spiritual commonality which is to love each other.
We need to break free from our fears and uplift each other.
How can we find other Christians if we are to afraid to open our mouths and talk about God and how important he is in our lives?
How do we learn if we do not share with each other the wonders of our faith? How can we bring our faith to non believers when were afraid to talk with other believers.
For some reason we feel religion should be a personal quite thing,kept under wraps like a perversion,hoping no one will find out about us and how deeply we are involved in our beliefs.
We keep the greatest thing we have to share with others to our selves and wonder why the world is in such pain and depravity.
We hide our light under a bushel basket and wonder why the battle seems so solitary in our every day lives.
Like a soldier wandering aimlessly on a battle field never lifting their helmet up to see who else is fighting along side them.
How sad we are.

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