Monday, September 6, 2010


I have always had this thing about herbs.It goes back to the first time I went to visit Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge,Mass.
I remember walking through one of the old houses and came out the back door to find a garden near the kitchen teaming with herbs.
The smell and design started my love of growing herbs.
This year I had a very large pot which once held a palm plant and was now empty.
What to do with my pot.
Off I went to Wal Mart and decided to plant herbs in it.
Basil,Oregano,chives and what I thought was flat leaf dill.
When I got home I planted all my herbs and daily watched them grow.As I looked closely at the dill I thought,that doesn't look right.I picked the label up to discover it was mint.
Oh great I thought that is not what I wanted and decided to just let it grow,after all I spent good money on it and has mint will do, was overly thriving.
With the cool weather today I decided it was time to cut the mint down,clean and freeze it.
For several days now I have been checking out web sites to decide what to do with this unwanted herb and think making some sort of soap might be my fall project.
When I announced my plan to my husband he smiled amusingly and said "good luck with that plan".
Not one to be put off my new search will be to find an easy recipe,something with olive oil and maybe vanilla or lavender,and make this my fun thing to do on one of those cold, rainy November days.
Who knows if it turns out well a few of my relatives may be getting a bar for a Christmas gift.


Anonymous said...

A popular way to use mint, is mint tea. It is known to calm the stomach. Everyone has heard of mint jelly. It goes great with lamb. Just a few suggestions, other than that, mint ice cream homemade. If you make that, I'm coming over.

linda said...

I'll have to try these suggestions they sound goooood