Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mercy And Power--- Both In Your Hands

Have you ever had to be merciful to someone that you probably don't feel is deserving of your time or help.
We live in a world that believes if we are not treated well we should not treat the person who has hurt us well either.
Being a Christian means trying to get passed this idea of an eye for an eye and allow for the helping of another person in need.
Now that doesn't mean we need to be abused or used,but it does mean we need to resolve that,as St.Peter was told by Jesus,not to forgive 7 times but 70 x 70 times.
No where in the Bible does Jesus talk about hating your brother in times of need,instead he talks about being a physician to the sick because the ill need a doctor not the healthy.
Imagine if you will,that for the past several years,you have been having some sort of affliction.When ever it flares up you go to the doctor but today when your illness is at it's worse he tells you "I have treated you seven times now don't come back to see me again until your well."
I think this doctor would have very few patients.
I remember the movie Schindler's List when the commander in charge of the concentration camp is told by Schindler how wonderful it is to take mercy on another person,just how much power you hold in your hands,like a Cesar in the old days,in charge of life and death.
Now this commander takes mercy as a way to be physically not spiritually powerful,but you know there is some truth in this idea of mercy associated with power.
How low must a person be in life when they come to you and ask for forgiveness and mercy and how much power do you hold in your hands to grant such a request,for this person,who has now made themselves emotionally naked in front of you,asking this request then awaiting one word from your lips "forgiven or "not".
We may not,at first, feel like helping this person in need for the 100Th time but you know what you just have to resolve to do it and put your personal feelings aside.
Jesus doesn't say,anywhere that when we forgive or show mercy we must first "feel like it".Most times when we listen to our feeling we chose to do what we should not anyways.
And the whole kicker with this mercy and forgiveness thing is that "we" must be humble so has not to embarrass the person asking for help.
When we show mercy to others then we are given our own mercy from God because how we judge is measured and God in turn will use this same ruler to deal with our issues.
If you think your time for mercy will not come then you are very wrong,be it in this world or the next,we all fall and we all need to be given another chance.
Several years ago a man drove up to an Amish school house lined 10 little girls against the wall and shot them,then himself.Five of the girls died but with in 2 hours of the tragedy the Amish elders went to the house of the man who killed their children and showed forgiveness and mercy. They understood that to not do so would infect their own community with hatred.
After the event the Amish community went out of their way to invite this man's family to events they had and help them get passed their grief and become a part of their Amish community.
Now that is true humble mercy of which I doubt I could show.

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