Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Different Person

Did you ever have a moment with someone and realize they were not who you thought they were?
Maybe the person may seem always up tight,in control and/or defensive.
Not the kind you would expect to become soft hearted and tearful while revealing a personal concern to you.
People are funny,just when you think you have written them off suddenly you see a side of them you knew was there but were unsure if you would ever see in your life time,let alone theirs.
People who are hurting,hurt other people and the key,when dealing with such people,is to try and find something that can show you they are not a rock but have softness in them some where.
Every person who has an issue,personality wise,probably has a reason for putting up a guard.
If you have been hurt you are unable to receive love with out trying to protect your self.
It must be very tiresome to always be on your guard trying to be strong even when you feel you need someone to care about or listen to you.
Age can bring wisdom and old values can be like chains if they have become incorrect theories in your life.
Has we age we begin to see that nothing last for ever and the people we were closest to can now be sick or worse yet gone.When such things happen one needs to re-evaluate what one thought to be a truth and realize what really is truth.
Nothing last for ever especially in our well sorted minds.
I have always wondered why people feel they can tell me anything or reveal things to me they may not be able to tell others.
Many is the time I ask what my talents are and today I think I found one.
I have always attracted people with issues or problems who feel they can just sit with me and tell me their stories,even people I know very little about.
I guess the ability to listen and communicate is a gift although a rather odd one at that.
Anyways I hope I was able to assist this person who needed a moment to talk with me and shed some tears and maybe,in the end,feel better about the rest of her day.

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