Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sheep And The Goats

Monday was a beautiful day and my husband,Vic,and I decided to take a drive out to UCONN in Storrs Conn.
We like to walk there because not only is it a lovely campus but it also has a large duck pond and farm animals.
Has we finished our walk I asked my husband were the Greek Orthodox Church was,since I did not remember seeing it.
We got into the car and drove across the campus to a back road.
There sat a rather cute little white church with orange roof tiles,which looked like something out of a small Greek village.
We then decided it was time to go home and drove by the animal pastures,but none of them were in the front pastures,by the road yet.
My husband,who can be very funny when he wants to said."I asked Fr.Peter why the Bible doesn't like goats?"
I said "what?"
So Vic said "why do you think the bible doesn't like goats?"
I told him I wasn't sure since in the time of Moses they could sacrifice an unblemished goat,maybe they were impure to eat or something."
I said "why are you concerned about goats and sheep?"
He said "according to Sunday mornings Bible reading Jesus talks about separating the goats from the sheep on judgement day,so whats so bad with the goats?"
I told him back when I used to go horseback riding we had a goat that hung out behind the barn,when ever we would open the back door we had to face him to rake the old hay out of the stalls or if we turned our backs he would charge us and try to butt us.
Although he could be very sweet,when he wanted,he could also be very fresh too.
If he got it in his head to not like you,for what ever reason,he would run up to you and hit you in the thigh with his head,because of this no horns were allowed to stay on that guy head.
Today I took the time to look up goats and sheep,on my computer to see why Jesus talks so lovingly about the sheep but not so about the goats.
Here's what I got.

Sheep are:
Gentle,quiet innocent animals.
Defenseless and vulnerable to predators.
They love the Shepard and even a bad Shepard is still someone they will follow.
Trusting animals,easily led.
Sheep are grazers and love lush green pastures and still waters,moving water scares them.
They will lie down which is a sign of submission.
They do not prey on others,demand little and are mostly quite unless hungry or frightened.

Goats are:
Pushy,self sufficient creatures.
Head strong,quarrelsome,with short tempers.
They rear or butt to establish dominance.
Need very little supervision.
They do not graze but browse while eating,nibbling here and there.
They like high places,smell bad and carry their short tail up right.
They are domineering,controlling,can be agitators.
Not always so satisfied with the Shepard and what is given to them.

And although the goats are no danger to the flock they like to get in the middle of them and cause anxiety among the sheep.

So according to Mathew 25:31-46 God will deal with these goat like folks on judgement day when he dividends the sheep from the goats.
Know what? Come to think of it,I might know a few goats myself.

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