Sunday, September 26, 2010

Point Of View

I'm a firm believer that there are two ways to look at things in your life.negatively or positively.
For as long as I can remember I have always tried to look at things from an angle of positiveness,much to the annoyance of many of my friends.
I guess its because so many odd things seem to happen to me that I can see how many things can be misunderstood.
I always say I can get myself into more trouble by trying to do the right things then most people can when doing the wrong.
Today while getting ready to leave work my sister came to tell me I had a flat tire but she had a compressor and would leave it under my car to re inflate my tire.
Now I could have gotten very upset about the fact that my tire was flat but instead was very happy that my sister saw it and had her compressor with her.
Problem avoided and life moves on.
Simple things do not seem to bother me that much.I tend to use it has a way of trying to figure out how to be creative and make the best of things.
I do what I can and leave the rest in God hands cause lets face it he's large and in charge and I know things will work out one way or the other and worrying is not going to make it any better or worse.
Now that does not mean we should not plan for the future and try to avoid the unnecessary problems but only a fool knows he alone controls all the actions of the future.
Besides how tiring and uneventful life must be when you have to plan out everything to the smallest letter.
I must tell you sometimes if I know I should check things out or find out answers to something I purposely put things off just to feel that "what if" sensation.
What if I don't do this or that what will happen.Sounds ridiculous I know but to much control can take all the fun out of something and life then becomes to straight laced and boring.
A little breathless worry never hurt anything except our need to control and from what I understand God doesn't want us to worry about tomorrow according to him it wont add any time to our lives to worry about what will happen in the future,can't argue with that.

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