Friday, September 3, 2010

Tiger And Diamond

We have a rather elderly grey striped cat named Tiger.He has to be,by estimations,about 14 years old.
If you were to meet him you would think him much younger because he is very healthy and energetic.
Each morning Tiger comes into the house to have his breakfast,and with him is our neighbors cat Diamond,who also thinks he lives here.
Diamond usually prefers to eat his breakfast outside while Tiger is an in house eater.
Yesterday morning for some reason Tiger did not want to come in,deciding that he would rather try for the two tablespoons of dry food I had given to his neighbor.
Tiger seemed very fixed on Diamond food and was very unsure when I called him into the house,whether it was worth the trip to the kitchen.
With great reluctance,it was decided by his majesty,that he would indeed check out his own bowl filled with much more food then Diamond was,at present,consuming.
I laughed to my self and thought now isn't that human nature,we are all so envious and concerned about what little others are being given we forget how much more we have in our own lives.
For some reason a small amount of what is being given to another becomes so much larger and better then what we have.
Instead of being thankful for all we are given we want more of what others have,no matter how tiny the portion.
Greed and envy can be a terrible thing.Both make us lose our perspectives on value and worth.
Instead of being happy for another person and what they have been given we are more worried about why they got something we did not and how can I take it away from them for myself,because,after all, I too am deserving.
We forget that sometimes the things we think we need are the things we are better off not having.
Usually it is better to dismiss the voice in your head and simply be happy for others, knowing that someday,if its meant to be,your day will come.
In this way life will be a more pleasant experience.

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