Friday, September 17, 2010

Tripped Up Again

Today I decided to head to Marshals. I am in need of a dress to go to a formal wedding in Pennsylvania in October and they usually have some nice things there.
While driving toward Sturbridge I began to feel very hungry and realized it was 1:30 pm and I had not had lunch yet.
Where to go I thought as the Wendy's sign flashed before me.
Now of all the hamburger places Wendy's is my favorite but today being Friday and me having promised myself I would try to be good and follow the Wednesday and Friday fast I decided not to place myself in temptations way and went to Apple bees instead.
As I sat in my comfy seat and the menu came I decided on tomato basil soup with spinach/shrimp salad with citrus dressing,very safe,fasting wise and healthy too.
The time seemed endless and my hunger began to become unbearable then suddenly my plates were before me.
The sight and smell were wonderful,a thing of real beauty.
With great pride in myself for being such a good Orthodox Christian and following the no meat rule I took a giant bite into my very leafy spinach salad only to discover crumbled bacon all over it.
As I tried to pick out the bacon,an almost impossible task since they were very tiny pieces,I laughed and thought well there you go lady that's what you get for being so smug,rats tripped up again.
With disappointment at myself for not reading the menu better I began to think about what Father Peter always tells us,that if its offered or given to you,you are allowed to eat it.
What a day not only did I not remain true to the fast I also didn't find a dress.
Oh well such is life...
Better luck next time.

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