Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Eye For An Eye

On Sept 11th we will remember those who were killed during the twin tower attacks.
Although its been some time since this happened the wounds are still there and the feelings can be as fresh now as the were the day they happened.I know to this day I can still not watch repeats of the planes hitting the towers,I turn the channel.
With that said new wounds are now starting to open.
First with the announcement of the new Muslim cultural/mosque center near ground zero and a minister who feels burning the Quran on 9/11 would be a good thing.
People still hurt and we all need to step back and breath.
Every one needs to let the pain dissipate and the healing continue.
To hurt another religious group or attack an others holy book is just not right and if you believe in Jesus and his teachings it is also not Christian.
Today I read a face book post from Fr.Peter Preble about his call for all religious people to join together against hatred and denounce the burning of the Quran.
Someone,with a picture of an icon on their posting, answered saying they hoped the fire would consume this person church.
All I can say is not nice.
All an eye for an eye will do is make the whole world blind.
To want harm done to anyone because of your anger is no better then this minister wanting to burn the Quran.
Words like that are not from God they are from the other guy,taking the opportunity to draw us into division and hatred for each other.
Do all things with love.
If what you are doing is causing pain then you have lost your perspective and need to step back,take a breath and ask your self how would Jesus expect me to handle this issue.
I have been told that God takes care of vengeance not us, we are not as clear on everything as the Almighty is.
St.Paul says we are not even able to judge ourselves so how can we judge and condemn others.

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