Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jesus Went Into The Mountains

I have the type of job that can be very physically and emotionally draining and tonight was no exception.
Has I got home, did the dishes and made supper I decided to go upstairs and look at the emails and face book section,to see what friends and acquaintances were doing with their time.
Sometimes when I go on this sight I feel very alone,Like even the thought of spending a few minutes with my quotes can be to over powering just to sit and write about.
Sometimes I feel the world is spinning around me with all this modern technology and I can't seem to even being to understand or get excited about what its real value is all about.
Tonight is one of those feeling of depression nights or what I call my black moods.When I get like this I understand that over stimulation of my emotions is at play and I must stop and decompress from all I have seen and done or not done.
I am not a perfect person and to expect perfection from my self is a situation of futile worthlessness.
Many time I think about Jesus and even he had days where he needed to go up into the mountains or out into the desert to once again meet himself and God.
Everyone in this world needs many things and everyone thinks their needs are the most important but really our own needs at times must play in and we must face ourselves through meditation and prayer and hopefully come out a better person on the other side.
There are times when I feel not of this world,like being on some ride and everything is swirling around but in the end I understand that the most important things are not money or worldly things but simple things.
The problem with being a christian is it can be a very lonely life because we live against the current of the worlds idea of values and importance.
To be nothing is what we hope to be but the world does not understand such simpleness only God does and this can be very lonely indeed.

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