Friday, September 17, 2010

Christine O'Donnell

I don't know about you but I'm not sure why the media thinks it so important that I be concerned about a person running for senate in Delaware.
Since this woman,Christine O'Donnell,won her primary in her state,the media feels that they have not only the right to tell me about her but also how much they seem to dislike her.
They attack that she is stupid and another Sarah Palin.They even tell me that Carl Rove doesn't like her,like all of a sudden the media feels Carl Rove is a intellect,funny they didn't think he was when he was with George W. Bush.
Now I can tell you I really don't know that much about Ms. O'Donnell and to tell you the truth I have my own state with my own people running for senate and I tend to want to stay focused on them.
Delaware can make up its own mind over who they choose to take Joe Biden's old senate seat.
Lets face it Joe was no great intellectual either.
The problem with politics is who wants to run after you have listened to the media rip these people apart.I know I wouldn't.
You do something back when you were 16 then when you turn forty and run for an office they try to tear you apart like your some criminal.Come on how pure are the rest of us?
I especially do not like the way some people feel that if your a woman you deserved to be attacked not just on your political stance but also on your dress,your beauty and your intelligence or lack there of.
Like being a woman gives people the right to treat you shamefully.Now why would that be?
If Christine wins she will be one of 104 other senators from all over the country.
She will be entitled to one vote during committees like everyone else and she will not make or break the senate no matter how she votes or what she does.
I don't like this bias stuff.
She ran her primary,won it fair and should be entitled to be voted for or against by the people in her state,and if elected,then so be it Delaware made their decision its their representative not mine.
After all Charlie Wrangle has been given this opportunity to run and be elected in his primary and I don't hear the media going out of their way to bash and insinuate his issues.
And from what I can see he has a few much more serious issues then Ms. O'Donnell does.

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