Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Is Humility ?

What does humility mean to you?
Does it mean someone who is weak,easily pushed around by others,fearful,frightened,meek or indecisive?
A cowering mouse in the corner,so to speak.
We tend to think of a person who is humble has someone,who for what ever reason,is not strong in character.
I know of some religious people who feel in order to be humble they must speak so softly hardly anyone can hear them or be unable to accept thanks for what they are complimented on.
Is this humility?
No its not,to be humble means to think more of others then yourself.
When you are troubled do you have enough humility to take it to God before you try to handle the situation your self or do you turn to him as a last ditch effort to get you out of a jam,when all else has failed and your going down for the third time.
Humility means being able to understand its not "All about you" its about God.
We are unable to solve our own problems when we are centered on our selves.
Being with God is a partnership,like a marriage.
Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who never valued your opinion or talked to you except when things were really bad, And then wanted you to solve their problems now?
How long would this coupling last? would you see it growing stronger or would you feel unloved and used?
Well God is the same way,he did not put you here to go it alone he wants to be not only your partner,but also your father,a helping loving Abba,wanting to assist his child.
Humility requires you to allow God to run the show,be open to his plans and understand that what this world sees has foolish and weak is almost always in God plan.
Archbishop Bloom talks about we being as humble as the ground allowing the planter to do what he must with us in order to make our soil fertile to bring forth grow.
We can not tell the planter what he can and can not grow or how to prepare the soil.
This sort of earthly and spiritual abandonment is considered humility and has nothing to do with weakness but everything to do with strength through Christ.
It really takes a person of great character to have this sort of humility.

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