Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Calling

Most people when they think of a religious calling think it means to be a priest or minister.
I have always been in favor of women being priest but have come to the understanding that a calling does not just limit women to not being priest.
A calling can be in many areas of work and not just Sunday Services.
There are woman in the world who preach but not from the pulpit.
A calling can and should be everyday of the week from where ever we are in the world to whom ever is around us at the time.
We are only limited by our selves and not by God because he is limitless.
Jesus was a teacher,a Rabbi,he did not stand at an alter every Sabbath but influenced many people through his preaching,teaching and loving examples.
His apostles,none of then Rabbis,went into the world and used the gifts of words and actions,none of them were acclaimed speakers in the Temple.
What does this all mean? Stop complaining about what you can not do and start doing what you can do.
You can not find your gifts and use them if you are more worried about what you did not receive then what you did.
We are not all meant to stand on the platform and do masses and services must of us are given gifts and we are to take pride in what we are groomed at in our daily lives.
To desire what we by God calling are not meant to be or do,is a slap in the face to God who made us to fulfill what he called us to accomplish.
God is no fool and we are by his design, who we are,he knew what he wanted when he created us and to desire to be what we are not is to tell God he is wrong.
The potter creates the pot as he desires,we the pots have no say in the pattern of our designs.
Our job is to shine and bring brilliance to the vessel we are entrusted with.

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