Monday, August 2, 2010

Ain't Nobody's Business

Saturday evening while at my friends wedding reception,there was an older woman dancing to the music of most of the songs being played.
Swaying back and forth and moving around slowly just enjoying herself and the music.
The D.J.,who was a character,put on a Michael Jackson type black hat,pulled it over his eyes and nose and played the song "Ain't nobodies business".He then proceeded to dance and do moves like Michael Jackson all around the woman,who was a great sport,and kept on her slow dancing while he danced around and up and down her.
At the end of the song he danced in circles around her,faced the people watching wagging his finger during the part that says "ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby's"
When the song ended he got down on his knees,put his arms around her thighs and lifted her up in the air and turned her around several times,then gave her a big kiss on the cheek for being his partner.
We all had a great big laugh and it was the hit of the party,something we will always remember.
This morning while reading Acts,in the bible, I came across the part that talks about how we are not to make people conform to our rules but allow them to conform to the rules between them and God.
Dogma does not change but rules,like what to eat and not eat are personal.If we make the rules more important then the relationship to God and cause that person to lose faith and stumble then we are at fault.
Paul says "who are you to judge another mans servant."
At that point I began to think of the song I heard "ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby's" and thought funny how those two things go together.
We are all made differently.How I choose to be near God is probably very different from you.Just because I do not conform to a very rigid church code does not mean I do not have a very close and faithful relationship with God.
Only he can judge me because only he understands me.
I have come to realize that tolerance over the small things is what wins people over.To force someone to conform to your rules and regulations as you see them,could put a person in the postion to offend and fall away from God.
Dogma is important and never changes but general rules are bendable and made for guidance.Jesus says that "Rules were made for man but man was not made for rules."
So the next time I want to rush to judgement about fasting or prayer I need to take the time to understand that my relationship to God is not yours and its not my business how you choose to do things.
In the end we will both fall or stand in the eyes of God.
You will be judged and so will I but on our own merits,not on each others.

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