Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stop The Phone

For almost a week now,the phone has been ringing off the hook to remind us that Tuesday August 10th is both the Democratic and Republican primary and every one wants us to come out and pick their candidate.
Now I'm usually pretty voter knowledgeable and try to keep up on whose running and what they stand for, but this year no such luck.
Very little has been said about those who are running and what they stand for so the choice has been a tough one.
Today when I stopped at the Town Hall to do my civic duty and pick some one.It became a flip the coin choice because only one name seemed familiar and the rest,well sorry to say, were just names.
Now you know you live in a Democratic town when you walk into the voting area, say you are a Republican, and the people at the table jump up with gladness just to know there are more of their kind out there,you know conservatives.
It kind of scared me,for a minute I thought they were going to embrace and kiss me.It was like they found a long lost relative.
So anyways home again and the phone keeps ringing and the call of democracy is still heard loud and clear,weather I like it or not.
Oh boy I can hardly wait til November.I have a feeling this could be a long three months.
Excuse my while I get the phone....I'm back.Thank Goodness my husband and I are in the same political party.Could you see the numbers of calls we'd be getting if we were in opposite parties.
Hang on I'm coming already....So let freedom ring...But do you think maybe it could ring at my neighbors house for awhile?...please.

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