Friday, August 20, 2010

Prayers In Many Forms

When I think of prayer what comes to mind is verbal,sometimes formal and premeditated.
But do you know that prayer comes in many forms not just words?
Yesterday I decided to wash the walls in the kitchen at our church hall.
We,as a church group, want to start some fixing up to make us more compliant with state regulations,then we can become a more community and monastery friendly kitchen able to increase spiritual outreach making us more God compliant.
When I got to the hall I had forgotten that Fr.Peter was at the hospital with his parents while his father was having some outpatient surgery done.
Wondering how I was to get in I stopped at my friend Laura house to pick up the hall key because lets face now I was on a mission,not only to wash the walls but to get in.
As the morning went on welcomed help,in the form of Laura, showed up to assist with cleaning of other things in the kitchen.
Cleaning an older building can become a bit overwhelming it seems like the more you clean the more dirt you find.
But if done with a right heart and spirit you can over come those feelings of depression.
As we scrubbed Laura brought up a very interesting thing that we were practicing a form of prayer,whether we knew it or not.
Today I began to ponder on this and the different forms of prayer in our daily lives.
In the Old Testament they talk about prayer in the forms of dancing,singing and using instruments.
At our church we have what is called stewardship,we do not pay dues like a club,but we not only give money but time and talent.
All these,when done in the proper spirit are also forms of prayer.
Everyday when we help another person even in a small way we are praying and glorifying God.
I think we get wrapped up in the thought that prayer consist of going to church and saying formal words but you know looking up in the sky and seeing a bird fly and stopping to admire its beauty is also an form of gratitude and prayer.
When we pray we are to not only ask God for things but we are to praise,glorify and feel gratitude toward him and the world around us.
So yesterday we had a very prayerful day of work with little complains,done with a pure hearts and sense of accomplishment.
Now that the walls are done let the painting begin and the good things I know this kitchen can accomplice for our new monastery,ministry and out out reach.
This is a prayer I know God will answer.

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