Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would You Want To Know?

Today on the 6:30 pm news,there was a story of how they may have discovered a way to tell if you have Alzheimer's disease by testing your spinal fluid.
How would you feel about this? Would you want to know if you have a sickness that could not be,at this time,curable.
One of my friends just found out she has m.s. and told me she was not sure if this was such a good thing because there is no cure and at least when she didn't know she just chalked it all up to clumsiness.
Now that she knows she has to decide what medicines and vitamins to take,how to eat,how to tell her youngest child,how to move on with her life.
And what about her marriage will it last,how will she support her children,will she end up in a wheel chair and should she go to school to work on her RN.She just wants to know does she have a future.
I have always thought that some diseases are just not worth knowing about especially when it seems like there is nothing anyone can do for you.
This must be where faith comes in.There comes a point and time when even knowing everything is no substitute for faith in the almighty.
My friend has told me that even though she is afraid that she has decided to give it up to God because she just has no control at this moment and it is just to overwhelming.
Most people don't understand that every time you have a medical test done the answer may not be what you want to hear,then you have to make decisions about where you go from there.
We all have different ways of handling things and no one answer is the right answer.Some people need to know everything and some people need to know nothing.
But no matter what type of person you are the ultimate thing is we just can not control all things in our lives and we just have to do the best we can and leave the rest to the man upstairs.

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