Monday, August 30, 2010

John The Baptist And One Messed Up Family

Yesterday was the feast of John the Baptist.
Now John was a prophet who in his own words said that he was preparing the way for one greater then himself.One he was not even worthy enough to tie the sandals on this man feet who was called Jesus.
After Jesus was baptised by John the Old Testament ended and a new one began.
John,in his own words said he had to decrease and Jesus increase.
Herod,not the one who murdered the innocent but his son,had encountered John who told him straight out it was wrong to be married to your brother wife.First because your brother is still alive and second so is your own wife,aah the little technicalities in life.
Herod was angry with John and had him imprisoned for saying such things.
But Herod found John to be very interesting and felt he was a holy man and although John criticized his marriage Herod liked to hear what he had to say.
Being a king I'm sure not many people stood up and spoke truth because to offend such a man as Herod could mean being imprisoned or worse.
Herod's wife Herodias,according to the Gospel,is upset with John and has a "Grudge" against him.
A grudge doesn't mean to simply dislike someone it means to go out of your way to make their lives difficult,its hatred with more depth.Even the word grudge sounds very heavy like carrying a great load.
Herodias needed to find a way to rid not only herself but her husband of this man John,who Herod was now beginning to listen and like,thus putting John in a more powerful position then her.
Back in those days in order for women to have influence and power they had to be able to influence the men in their lives.If Herod took to much of what John said to heart she might be not only not married to Herod but also not able to remarry her former husband,Herod's brother,then where would she be power wise.
Herod's birthday came along and he and his drunken friends decided they wanted Herodias daughter,Salome, to dance for them.
This must have been some dance because after she was done Herod promised her up to half his kingdom.
Being a daughter she ran to her mother and asked her what she should ask for and the mother replied "the head of John the Baptist on a platter".
Now there's a mother daughter moment,no problem with Herodias using her own daughter to gain her ends.
So,Salome went back and told Herod what she wanted and he being upset could not go back on his word and lose face,not to mention his pride,agreed and Johns' head was brought to her on a platter,nice thing to give your daughter,talk about parental indulgence.She then brought the platter to her mother who was very pleased.(Now there's one messed up family).
This beheading of John must have bothered Herod because later when news was brought to him about Jesus and the wonderful things he did,Herod thought it was John the baptist raised from the dead.
I think this whole story has to do with the forces of light and darkness.
John was the light he knew what he stood for and was not afraid to speak out unto his death.
Herod had done bad things but was intrigued by this light,The closer he seemed to be getting to the light the more the forces around him worked to bring him back toward the darkness.
In the end Herod went toward the darkness by destroying John.
Later when Jesus came along,Herod still had haughtings of the light,thinking that maybe John had come back.
I don't know if Herod hoped John had come back or dreaded the idea he might have come back,possibly seeking revenge on Herod.
In the end even Herod had a choice.What he did to John he did willingly and Although Herod was a powerful man on earth he was a weak man in spirit.
By destroying John Herod also destroyed himself.

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