Saturday, August 21, 2010


We spend a great deal of our waking hours using words.
Some words are good,some are not and some are just useless.
Do you know that God tells us we will be accountable for our idle words on the day of judgement.
Thank goodness the man upstairs has an eternity for judgement because if your like me this is going to take awhile.
Words have the power to heal but they can also kill.
We praise God and with the same words we use to criticize and talk about our neighbors.
We speak all the time and in many instances do not even realize the effects we have on another person state of mind or heart.
One word can lift a person to new heights while another can cause them to lose their soul.
We all feel that everything we hear we are entitled to have an opinion on. We measure and meter out our love or our poison to everyone we come in contact with,weather they want to hear it or not.
Great people use great words to inspire while ill people use sick words to depress and deflate.
We are all subject to our own state of mind and abilities,just by our own words.We can achieve the greatest of things or we can cause ourselves loathing.
Words come from the heart and mind,then enter into the world and set the tone for ourselves and those around us.
What is the difference between a critical and easy going person? The words they use,an affirmation of themselves and the world around them.
With our words we can call down the power of the saints or call up the power of the devil.
Words when not chosen with care can be like a knife for wounding.
Did you ever wonder why at Pentecost,God symbol for the holy spirit was the tongues of fire over the heads of each apostle?
God understood the power of our words.
From that point on the Apostles speech was to be the most important words to ever come out of their mouths.
We live in a world made up of words and we,as Christians,need to understand how much power we hold when we use them.
We hold the power of good and evil,life and death with just the use of a single word.

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