Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet William

In 2001 the building I worked in was closing its doors and I decided to move over to one of this companies other Nursing Homes.
When I started there I meet Mary who was to be my new nurse and she and I became friends very quickly.
Mary had been married to Bob for many years they had three children and he was a seven days Adventist teacher,principle and minister.So they spent many years moving from school to school and church to church where ever the need was greatest for his services.
Their children had grown and as life does they grew apart,Mary wanting to just settle down in one place and Bob wanting to continue pursuing his teaching and preaching lifestyle.
Since their oldest daughter now lived in Thompson,ct with her children,Mary decided to move back north and do her nursing at a near by Nursing home in Webster,Mass.
One day while we where working Mary mentioned to me that she and a male friend,who was also an Adventist principle,were about to break up.With him living in Maryland the long distance relationship was not working out and she was tired of being alone.
I amusingly said "Mary you sure do like school teachers don't you?" to which she laughed and agreed.
I told her "you know my husband brother teachers the 6th grade,is about your age and also has children you own children's age,would you be interested in meeting him?"
To my surprise she agreed and when I got home I spoke to my husband Vic and aked him to work it out so Bill and Mary could meet.
They went out on one date and Bill,being very shy found it rather nice to be with some one has full of life as Mary.
Several weeks later Bill stopped by our house to pick something up and asked if I thought Mary would want to see him again,I knew she would and passed the information on to him.
To make a long story some what shorter they have now been together for 9 years and at Mary daughter,Karen,recent wedding,she had her father as the minister to do her ceremony and Bill,whom she affectionately calls Sweet William,walk her down the aisle.
Funny how things turn out. When I introduced Bill to Mary I though I was getting two lonely people together but instead I ended up giving them each a family complete with sons and daughters,grandchildren and in-laws.
Each seemed to have gained something they needed and as for me this is the first and last couple I have ever played match maker for and think I will quit while I'm ahead.

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