Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Mountains

"Assuredly I say to you,if you have faith and do not doubt,you will not only do what was done to this fig tree,but also if you say to this mountain,'be removed and cast into the sea,'it will be done.
And what ever things you ask in prayer, believing,you will receive." Mathew 21 verses 21 and 22.

This story is not just about physical mountains it is also about mental and spiritual mountains.
In order to be a true believer you have to be right with God.
Being right requires you to not only have clear thoughts and speech but also a clean heart.
See everything in our being is connected if your thoughts are bad then your heart picks up on it and your words produce it.
We all like to think and talk about others,to the point where we do not even pay attention to what comes out of our mouths.Have you ever heard yourself say something and thought "now where did that come from?"
It came from your heart when you weren't paying attention.
We all want so much from God and we think by attending church,praying and reading the Bible we are instant Christians clean and pure.
Unfortunately just confessing the words of being a part of Christ kingdom is just the start.The real work comes when you have to not only follow the rules but understand and "want" to follow them.
This is where our mountains come in.
We all have stumbling stones and blocks which keep us away from God. We probably don't even realize that if we want true good in our lives we need to move our mountains and cast them into the sea and be done with them forever.
In order to be filled,truly filled,with God presence we have to be emptied of our own self centeredness.
Is this an easy thing to do?
We have habits,actions and thought patterns cultivated since our child hood and in order to move our mountains some times we need to do it one wheel barrel full at a time and if need be,one stone at a time.
Prayer and healing happen to the degree we allow God to work through us.If we ask for anything with a pure heart and and right mind we will receive what ever we ask for if its in compliance with God.
Lets face it we already know when we ask for things that if it is not done with a clean mind and a right heart it will probably not be granted us.
I know people who belong to prayer groups in order to help others with their sicknesses and problems.These groups are a wonderful thing but do you know in order for the person in need to be helped they also need to be in some kind of favor with God.
You as the person doing the praying must be right but also the person on the receiving end has to be willing to open themselves up in order to be helped.
Some one once told me God puts his hand out in front of us but if we refuse to grasp it how can he help us.
Once you decided to make the concise effort to try and clear your thought patterns then your heart and mouth will go with it.
Sometimes one small step a day will reveal to you another step that you didn't even know was in you.
Don't be supervised if your in a situation and something that would normally have your passions up moving your mouth suddenly doesn't even seem to affect you and for some strange reason that seems alright by you.
At that point you'll know you've begun to move your mountain.

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