Tuesday, August 3, 2010

News From A Friend

What do you do when you find out a friend,whom you have known for quite some time,may have a very terrible disease?
Today one of my friends whom,I went to nursing school with,is looking at the possibility of having something very bad.
It all started 2 weeks ago when she was walking through the parking lot at work and for what seemed like no reason fell to the ground.Thinking her self clumsy she got up and showed me her knee.
Neither of us thought much but we applied some ice and she took some Tylenol and we continued with our day.
Last week she was leaving for work when she felt dizzy and funny,she called an ambulance went to Worcester and was told she had possible vertigo but they would do a ct scan just to be safe and sent her home with some medicine to help her dizziness.
When she came in the next day I gave her a big hug and told her everything would be alright and she needed to take life a little easier since she can be a workaholic.
Today she told me that some of the xrays may be questionable and she would have to go and have more test done.
I offered to go with her on her appointments if it where on any of my days off and encouraged her not to put the cart before the horse to wait for the test results.
Now I can tell you being nurses in this situation is never a good thing.Knowing the test they want to do,the questions they are asking and what the out come may be not to mention how one would have to spend the rest of their life with such a sickness is just plain scary.
Its never a good thing to know to much,some times ignorance can be bliss.
Monday is the start of her vacation and I have made it clear to her that I think she and I need to go to chili's resturant have some food and a few Margaretta's.
Times like this make me wonder why things happen in my life and why I'm where I am.I know that nothing ever happens for no reason and here I am. Now how do I be her support if this does not turn out well?

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