Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Rush Me!

Two weeks ago my friend Mary called me to tell me that her daughter,and also a friend of ours,Karen had decided to get married.
It is to be a last minute type thing with a Justice Of The Peace,food and a D.J..At that time I told Mary that we would love to come but since I was working that day we would not make it for the 2 pm service but would be there as soon as I got home and changed.
This seemed alright with her and she agreed.
On Monday I met Mary at work and she and I had lunch together.She mentioned that I should ask the scheduling coordinator to see if it would be possible for me to leave several hours early so maybe we could make it for the ceremony.
I got on my floor and left a message to which I will find out on Saturday if arrangements could be made for such a thing.
Last night I got home from Wal Marts and my sister in law called to see if we were going to the wedding Saturday and if so if Vic would want to go with them early and I could join them later.
To which I gave Vic the phone and walked away with hurt feelings.
First because I'm not sure where the road is to get to this wedding and second because I didn't want to arrive alone.
Today when I got home from work Mary boy friend called to give Vic directions and to inform him that we needed to get to this wedding as soon as possible and not be to late.
Vic,being a good guy said "Look we leave when Linda gets home and we get there when we get there."
I was very proud of him for standing up for me what a gallant guy he can be.
I always hate it when people forget that my job,especially on the weekends,does not allow for coverage.
I do not choose to be late for things and in return it upsets me when retired people think my time is not valuable and my being places depends on a time clock.
I am tired of being made to feel that I have to jump at every ones command and feel like a second class citizen because my schedule does not permit for me to make my own hours.
When I am at work I spend all day long trying to meet every ones,whims and desires not to mention time constraints.Some times I just wish I could come home and take my time getting ready for things because I feel I am worth it.
When things like this happen I want to yell "Don't Rush me! Can't you see I need some time to make myself pretty and feel like a female!"
Oh well what can you do every one is all about them and sometimes I would like things to be all about me.
Maybe I'm being selfish but I think sometimes selfish can be a good thing when you really need it.
Oh well pity party for me night....

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