Friday, August 20, 2010

Proving Love Electronically

On the news there was a woman doctor who claimed she could prove,through a type of electrical scan,if people were truly in love simply by checking the color of the areas of the brain as they were seen by the test.
For an example she took a newly married couple and showed how highly lite up sections of their brains were because of the amount of excitement they felt for each other.
For the next 8 months this newly married couple took a motor cycle and traveled around together and on their return they were rechecked.
The wife brain showed she was still as excited to be with her spouse as day one.But the husband not as much.
Both confessed to still deeply loving each other even though the test showed other wise.
When I saw this I told my husband this was a ridicules study because no one who spends all their time with the person they love is going to love that person the same way they did when they were first married.
To me this study only proved that the husband love had begun to mature while the wife had not yet gotten to his point yet.
Just because you do not see fireworks doesn't mean its not true love. All it proves is that life has come along and now you have to readjust and face the world together on different terms.
True marriages last because people love grows and matures.We all change and being able to adjust to each others changing needs is what makes a marriage strong.
The marriages that don't work are the ones where people become self centered and must have everything as it was in the beginning,change causes them to lose their ability to adapt and adjust.
No scan has to be done to tell me my husband and I are not the same people we were twenty or so years ago.Both of us have grown and matured and have come to love and become closer to each other in different ways.
True the excitement is not always what it used to be but now we are each others best friends.We talk more about things that concern us and feel much more comfortable in each others presence.
We have nothing to prove to each other we are pretty much equal in our relationship and this is a wonderful thing.
I'm sure if we got hooked up to a scan we would both score very differently then we would have 20 odd years ago,but that's OK by me because I like what I have and would not want to go back to those awkward years of uncertainty and immaturity.

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