Thursday, July 1, 2010


The other day I was watching a comedian who was very anti God and religion.She said that the bible is just a book of fantasy stories.
As I watched her I began to notice how angry she was about God and religion and of course people who follow religion.
I could not understand where this intolerance came from.
Everyday in my life I deal with all different kinds of people.Different races,ethnicity's,languages and religious,or nonreligious,views.
I can admit that although I may at times be annoyed with people I don't think I have ever truly loath another person for the beliefs they hold.
If being an atheist is so wonderful,filled with little rules or guidelines,why would you despise someone just because they believe in a God and you do not?
It seems to me that you should be more tolerant of others,since you see no God,then how can you hate what you consider a fantasy? It would be like me hating a cartoon character.There would be no basis to my anger since there was no reality to the thing I'm intolerant of.
In order for me to truly hate and become angry over Mickey Mouse there needs to be a real Mickey Mouse or my dislike is just silliness.
Some times people are blinded by the things they do not believe in.
This woman is very in favor of all sorts of liberal ideas and feels everyone should be tolerant of every other person or idea but she in turn does not feel she owes people of religion the same respect,she wants them to give her ideas.
Tolerance is not a one way street and to be so hate filled and angry at another persons beliefs seems very odd to me.
Since I have never gone out of my way to encourage others to hate atheists,I would expect the same in reverse from a non God believing person.
After all how can you hate something you have no belief in anyways? And why do you care if I do believe in a God? After all my church going and praying does not in anyway affect your lack of belief?

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