Sunday, July 18, 2010

Festival At St. Michael Church

Well today was our yearly festival and to my great surprise I found out yesterday that my vacation had been extended to include today and tomorrow so I was able to assist in our picnic festivities after all..
My morning started out with a phone call from a desperate parishioner in need of my husband and his truck to pick up the kegs of beer on his way over to the church.
You must understand for some reason we at St.Michael like to do everything at the last minute and this morning was no exception.
So with the beer emergency my turn in the bathroom was second rather then first.
After getting a hurried goodbye kiss it was off he went,while I endeavored to do the best I could to look presentable for church and our up coming festival.
Once out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go I gathered everything I thought would be needed and ran out the door.
When I got as far as our local library I could not remember if after using the iron this morning if I had put it in a safe place and decided to return.Alas all was well and I was able to proceed with my plans.
Next it was off to my sister-in-law house to pick up her pastry for the Lady's ethnic bake sale then the post office to drop off some mail my husband snuck into my pocket book,when he left.
I was now on my way to church being only 15 minutes late for service,oops don't tell Fr.Peter he wont like that part.
Finely once at the church I quietly took my seat has Fr. Gregg continue with his service and thought to my self "oh my goodness is it hot in here,we are going to have steamy picnic".Right at that moment someone got up and put the overhead fans on,much to every ones relief.
After liturgy we greeted each other and I found out that Laura and I would be working at the raffle table.Oh how some jobs just seem hers and mine.
Now luckily we are pretty good with the charm and she and I just seem to be able to sell just about anything when we have a need to.
The day went quite nicely and the breeze was a welcomed relief.The food wonderful and the entertainment the best.
And although there were several emergencies like not fuel for the bar-be- que,my husband to the rescue again and someone tripping over a cord and dropping a pan full lamb kabob on the ground.We all made out alright in the end.
At 6:30 it was time for the drawings and much to our surprise Laura brother won first prize and my brother-in-law took second so we closed on a high note.
On our way home we personally delivered the winnings to Nick,our in-law. Vic told him he won because he was concerned at Fr.Peter where abouts and for his kind thoughts Fr.Peter smiled down on him and made him a winner,but then again Nick has always been a winner in my book.
So all in all we had another successful Festival and everyone walked away bonded to both new and old friends and isn't that what these festivals are really all about.

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