Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sower

For many years now I have heard the bible story of Jesus' parable of The Sower.
This is the story of the man who went out and scattered his seeds in the field.
Some seed fell by the wayside and the birds of the air ate them.
Some on stony place and grew but since they had no root when the sun came out they withered and then died.
Some fell among thorns and as it grew was chocked by the thorns and died.
But some fell on good ground and yielded crops each of different multitudes.
You know its funny how sometimes you can spend an entire life time hearing and reading a story then one day all of a sudden it strikes you in a whole different way.
You hear it,as if for the very first time and see it in a whole new light.Feeling it pertains only to you.
I have always felt this story was just about different individuals and why they did or did not,have belief and faith in God,the sower.
The first seed never got to keep the word because of the birds,or the devil,devouring it.
The second got the word for a little while but had no roots so when hard times came it lost it's faith.
The third got the word began to root but lost it because of the greed in the world around it.
And the last not only got the word but took root and grew then multiplied producing fruit.
Now I'm sure this is what the story is about but all of a sudden it became clear to me that this is also about our own personal belief and growth into faith.
When we start out in faith we may spend time going to church or hearing a story but we take no stock in it and go and lead our lives like the birds of the air.
When faith or belief begins to take hold we hear the words of the bible feel they are wonderful stories but when times get tough we turn inward to our selves and try to solve our problems.We never develop into trusting God to help us,so we have no real faith..yet.
Next we begin to have faith and belief but we are in a world were religion is not welcomed.The people around us,whom we spend most of our time with, are all consumed by the worldly goods. So instead of our faith making an impact on others lives their worldliness makes a bigger impact on us.
Slowly we enjoy the pleasures and riches around us and we forget why we believe.Instead of us converting others to God they convert us to materialism.
Finally the last of the seed falls on good earth,takes deep roots and multiples much fruit.
This is,hopefully,were we all strive to end up.Being the person who not only believes in God and the faith but lives it.Helping to multiple our faith in not only our own life but the lives of others.
Being a bearer of good fruit.
Funny how just reading a simple chapter can bring a new world of knowledge.
What a great way to start a day.

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