Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

Today is the 4Th of July and although I had to work it was still nice to know I belong to great country with all this freedom.
True we are very critical all year long about our leadership and each other but in the end we are a country living the dream and trying to keep our country balanced.
These past 18 months we have dealt with a liberal administration,house and senate and we know in a few years we may push the pendulum to the conservative side.
We have been a nation since 1776 and still we teeter from side to side trying to balance our nation trying for perfection for,which we will never do.
We are a melting pot trying to get along with each other and respect each but also standing up for our beliefs when need be.
We are not perfect but we're the best in the world and many people long to be a part of our life style,even if they do not always agree with us.
Today was also two of our patients wedding anniversary,unfortunately at present her husband is in the hospital so the nurse I work with and I bought her a card and red rose so she would know we were thinking of them and tonight the second shift nurse will take the time to call the hospital so this woman can wish her hubby a happy 57Th anniversary.
Funny whenever this patent and I talk about her marrying on July 4Th she tells me "and after the wedding it was fireworks for the rest of my life."
I hope she means that in a good way.
So happy independence day to all...

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