Saturday, July 24, 2010

Albert and Victoria

Not being very tired last night I decided to watch a movie on pay per view called "Victoria her younger years."
Victoria was a princess from England back in the 1840's.She gained the throne when her Uncle the King died,with no heirs,and she was the only child of the kings' brother,who had also passed away.
Victoria was very young and unprepared to be a queen since she had no formal education for such a role.
Her mothers' boyfriend wanted very much to rule the country by urging her to sign over papers making him leader until he felt she was old enough to take on the challenge,she was only 17 at the time and absolutely refused to sign.
Victoria was to meet and make friends with a prince called Albert from Germany.His uncle was concerned that the family keep up to date checks on the British Royal
Family and it was decided that Albert needed to go and befriend her.
When the two meet they were taken with one another and became pen pals.Both had much in common since neither had a father and Albert mother was gone from his life while Victoria wished her mother was gone from hers.
When the king died Victoria took the throne.
Suddenly she needed to get herself and her country on the right path but not knowing who to trust was an issue.
Albert got his uncle to make an excuse so he could come to the coronation and being a good student practiced the latest dances so as to be presentable for the ball after the event.
The days they spent rushed by and soon it was time for Albert to go back to Germany.
Since she was a queen he was not allowed to ask her to marry him,it was to up to her to ask him.When he left she promised to let him know when she was in need of him and he promised to be there when she called.
Several years later Victoria found her ruling to be very difficult to say the least and when she felt her whole world was collapsing around her she called her gallant Albert to come to her.
Together they found they had much in common and both decided they could not live with out each other so they wed.
Now being new to the ruling class and a man in need of a job Albert wanted to help Victoria rule the castle and the book keeping since he felt everything was inefficient.
Victoria spoke to the queen who was married to her deceased uncle the king who said "why not let him do this". Victoria told her Aunt that she had not done things like this for the king and the aunt replied "How do you know what I did or did not do for the king?"
So it was agreed and Albert did a house cleaning removing all the unnecessary and wasteful people hanging around.
Now being true to marriage Victoria began to feel shut out since she felt she should run everything and should not be assisted or treated like a lesser then her husband.They got into a heated argument with him sleeping in another room.
The next day while riding in a procession carriage together,Albert spied a man with a gun in the crowed and threw himself across the queen and was wounded.
All thought he would not make it and Victoria,who realized how important he was to her prayed in the chapel for his recovery.
Has Albert was getting well Victoria talked with the Prime Minister of England who told her how good a man Albert was. A man she could trust and count on.
When Albert was well enough Victoria had her desk and a desk for Albert moved into the bedroom for them to co-rule together.
Albert and Victoria had 9 children and ruled together for 20 years.At the age of 42 Albert got typhus and died .
Every morning for the rest of her life she had Albert's day clothes layed on the bed so she could look at them while she worked.
Victoria and Albert were champions for the poor and destitute.
If you have ever read any of Charles Dickens novels you will understand just how bad things were for the poor and orphaned in those years.
Queen Victoria was one of the longest ruling monarchs England had and the Victorian period was named after her because of her worldly influences and fashion styles during her reign.
After watching this movie I decided that love stories do happen and they're not just in fairy tales.
All the information gotten for this movie was gained through the correspondences of both Victoria and Albert and the movie was made with the assistance of Fergie the
duchess of York.
This is truly a great women's movie.I was moved to tears several times and it takes allot to make me cry at a get you popcorn and Kleenexe ready for a wonderful story.

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