Thursday, July 29, 2010

Women And The Church

Many weeks now I have tried to come to an understanding that women and the church are united,in some way, with each other.
I have spent a great deal of my life in the Catholic Church and am now a member of the Orthodox Church.
Although I did not join my present church because I had a need to be a women in the church but rather because I needed to be a member of a very special faith which for me was and still is Orthodoxy.
Being a female in a male run church can be quite a challenge especially when it comes to trying to figure out where my place should be.
Most Orthodox Churches, as you may know,are not only ethnic based but also male run with women doing the feeding and men doing the leading.
It was not until 20 years ago that my own church allowed women to become members.And 5 or 6years ago that women became members on the board of our Church's leadership.So in some ways we're starting to progress in areas.
But being a different kind of woman now days then say 10 or 20 years ago makes me feel that the importance of women is underestimated not by the church but by the women members themselves.
It was not until today while speaking with our Fr.Peter,that it was make clear to me that women are considered very important by the Orthodox Church and in multiple capacities.
Although women are not allowed to serve at the alter they hold positions in the religion its self.
I have decided that it is high time I found out about such positions and bring these things forward to myself and the world around me.
They say that Orthodoxy is a well kept secret but let me tell you positions of women in the Orthodox Church are an even better kept secret.

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Laura said...

I'm a woman cantrix, and I get the feeling that there are far and few of them. LOL You know the old story, behind every successful man is a woman. Behind not meaning less than him, but equally responsible for many of his undertakings. The leadership of a woman is silently observed, while the man is recognized for the job he has done. It is like the secretary who runs the office and is the bosses right arm. Who keeps the wheel well greased and is as much responsible for the success of every endeavor, but receives a pat on the back and a well done status for her review which earns her a 3% increase, if lucky.
And don't forget the best part, they are tired having done all the work, but you can never be.