Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Simon and Garfunkel had a song called "The sounds of silence".
We live in a world that is never silent.Always noises going on.Why at this very moment,while typing these words,a fan in my kitchen window is running.
Noise ever droning,pounding,clanging,ringing.No matter where we go sound is all around
No place to run and no place to hide.
Never being able to hear the ever present small voice deep within our very being.
How do we come to be with ourselves? or God? when sound is always there.
Even planned meditation can be difficult because there is never a moment of just plain quite.
The sound of a TV,car,truck,phone,voice,fan, music all coming from different directions.
What to do? where to turn? how to hear your very inner soul?
Even when we think we are alone in our minds we can not stop our own mental chatter.
How does God find us in all the noise? how can he speak to us so we can hear him?
His ever small voice needing to become a shout in order to get our attention
The constant noise makes my head ache and my mind spin in circles.
What is it we are all so afraid of that peace and quite can not be a part of our lives? Why do we not want to face us and who we are? what we've become? where we are leading ourselves? or worse yet, who is leading us?
Noise makes it difficult to concentrate on the things around us.
How can we pray and stay connected?
All this seems very difficult and we very simple by nature.
To much sound can make us physically ill,emotionally detached and spiritually drained.
Any effort can seem great and overwhelming.
So what to do? what to do?
Make silence a part of your life.
Turn things off,reconnect and become part of the world around you.
The bible talks of Jesus going off to quite places to pray and seek council from his father.I think if he were here today he would find such silence places almost impossible to find.

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