Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday after our churches' festival my husband and I assisted in the clean up.As I was busily helping to fold chairs one of the ladies working in the kitchen,asked me if I would like some tomatoes.
So thinking a few of those summer treats would be a nice thing to take home,I happily answered yes.Several minutes later she called back to me that she had left them on the picnic table next to the old raffle tickets.
As we proceeded to finish my husband jumped into his truck and reminded me about the tomatoes.When I walked over to the table a 2 pound plastic tub complete with cover sat there waiting for me.
I hesitantly opened it up and found to my and shock and amazement that it was filled with quarted sliced tomatoes.I thought to myself well this is a little more then my family can eat in a week.
Graciously trying to offer some of my new found gifts to others my advances were refused.So I took my bounty and headed home to worry about this mess tomorrow.
When I awoke this morning I decided the best thing to do with all these red beauties was to try and make spaghetti sauce.
Now not being Italian or very good with sauce making, I decided to try my luck with a recipe I found on the computer.It seemed rather easy and lets face it one of the ingredients was Burgundy wine so I could see this was a French friendly sort of sauce,possibly right up my alley.
Now as most cooks will attest to the problem with making any thing is you never fully have all the ingredients you need,and this was no exception.
So off I went to our nearest grocery store to buy what I did not have then to the package store to pick up a bottle of wine.What can I tell you I'm no Julia Child and besides if this whole sauce thing didn't work out I might need a few drinks,to drown my sorrow.
After about an hour I was home again and ready to start my summer project.
A pot of boiling water was started to put the tomatoes in so they would be peeling friendly then into ice water to stop the cooking process.This was all rather fun until I got to the part of removing the seeds,which made my hands quite slippery and one slice fell to the floor instead of into the blender.Oh well "Ce la vie".
Next came the sauteing of the vegetables and the adding of the rest of the ingredients.
Being rather warm today I decided to put everything into my crock pot and just let it simmer for the next 6 hours.
Now I'd like to tell you how wonderful my sauce turned out but I won't know about that until this evening because the prep time took me a while to say the least.
But that's alright. Today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow I go back to work. I have a feeling that spaghetti with home made sauce will be on the menu and you know what I think chilled Burgundy wine will also go quite nice.
Well "Bonn appetite".


Laura said...

You are so funny! I had quartered tomatoes yesterday, also. I chose the easy way out. Steamed the quartered fruit in my pressure cooker, and drained the stewed tomatoes in a collander. Shortly thereafter, I pulled off the peel, which slipped off easily and packaged in three large plastic containers, and inserted them in a large freezer bag for future use. The tomatoes were meaty and will make three great dishes. Your sauce sounds like a great idea. I prefer plum tomatoes for my sauces as there is less water. I'll most likely use them in American Chop Suey or a vegetable soup or stew.

linda said...

sounds good to me.....