Friday, July 16, 2010

Numbers and Hours

My husband is a very numbers oriented person and as such considers them a very important part of his life.
Numbers to him are organized and logical and say allot about our world and universe.
I on the other hand,see no real reason for them unless they serve my purpose at a certain time,like how much is 40% off that cute blouse or skirt I'm eyeing on the sales rack and do I have enough cash on me.
When I was in college I needed to learn calculus and made the mistake of asking my husband to help me.After three sessions with him I decided it was not worth the anger or tears on either of our parts and taught myself.
Now don't get me wrong its not that Vic is not a good teacher it's just we are different in learning styles.
My husband is also into time he always wears a wrist watch and I never do unless at work,where times guides my whole life.
Just about everything I do requires times.When to give give medication,do treatments,take vital signs,arrange appointments,document and on and on.
So not wearing a watch reminds me I'm on my time not their time.
The thing about being a Christian is to many people worry about the numbers more then about what was gotten out of it.
How many chapters did I read from the bible today,how much time did I spend in prayer,how long was I in church,how long did the priest do his sermon,how many times did I pray today....Wow 5 times I must really be holy many people showed up for our events or services,how do we compare with the church across the street in time,talent,cash flow and on it goes.....numbers numbers,numbers.....
We spend more time playing with the numbers and the chapters and the verses then we do really paying attention and getting what we should out of what we've read or done.
No where in the bible does it say "Then Jesus said spend this amount of hours in prayer and you will attain the riches of heaven."
Instead he speaks of spending quite quality time with God.
It makes no sense to pray for hours on end if your more worried about what the clock says then what you or God say.
True reading and repetitive prayer is a good way to get you started but if all your doing is reciting words over and over and you put no feeling or understanding in what you are saying then you may as well be reciting the dictionary.
We live in a world where we exist on a time schedule our time is limited.We forget that our creator has no time line he is,was and always will be and the time we spend with him should be of quality not of limits and rules made by we humans.
How long you spend in prayer or readings depends on how much time you personally feel is what it takes to be at peace with you and the almighty at that particular session,the here and the now.
There is no magic hour or number that bring us nearer to God because if there where I'm sure Jesus would have said so.
Pray unceasingly but do so for the right reasons and your prayer and time will be well spent.

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