Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bare Foot

Several weeks ago while leaving my brother in law house he looked down at my sandled feet and said "I don't know how you women can go around with those kind of shoes and not be cold?
I laughed and said "Nick if it was up to me I would walk around bare feet."
From as far back as I can remember I have always preferred no shoes to shoes.True sandals are a second running to nothing but barefoot,in my mind,is the way to go.
My dislike started right from the beginning always pulling my shoes off and running indoors or outdoors with nothing on my feet.Try has my mother might she just never could get me to understand the importance of proper footwear.
To me the earth under my feet is very tactile and comforting.
To this day when every I work in my garden the first thing I do is pull everything off my feet just so I can feel the cool,dry earth between my toes.
Shoes in my mind are way to over rated,expensive and very uncomfortable.
The only thing I hate more then shopping for shoes is shopping for a new pocket book,but lets not get on that subject.
Summer time is my footloose period.
The extremes of all different ground around me just makes me feel so much closer to nature.
The thought of walking in the damp grass in the morning,wet sand on the beach in the evening or the warm tar in the afternoon is all very comforting to me.
God gave us such wonders and we miss so much when we do not allow our selves the simple feelings of joy around us.
Like being children again we come to understand that some pleasures in life have to be felt in order to be fully appreciated.

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