Thursday, July 15, 2010


When I was a child I was very shy and fearful and although I had no reason for such things,in my mind every fear seemed real.
My biggest fear was the darkness.I felt nothing good could come from such complete blackness and to my embarrassment I must admit it was the last thing as a grown person I let go of.
Fear is a terrible thing it put us in a position where we see no possibilities and can have a staggering mind and body numbing effect on us.
It does not allow us to move forward with our plans because we fear our failures before we even start.
I have come to understand that fear is not something instilled by God but rather it is a tool of the other guy to keep us ever in confusion and lacking in self determination and focus.
You can not step forward if you are frozen stiff.
Most fears are irrational and usually if we can work through them we begin to again see possibilities and avenues toward life.
It is very difficult to believe in God and allow him to lead our lives when we keep dragging this feeling of fear around with us always looking over our shoulders.
Has we mature in our Christian faith we are also suppose to mature in trust because like a good marriage if you don't trust the person you've decided to share your life with then your doomed from the start?
Faith does not mean theat we are not ever to be afraid,but it does mean that we are to work through our fear and understand that we are never alone and will never be asked to do more then God has chosen us for.
I'm sure that even Moses was afraid but he pushed through it anyways.
so we too have to learn to trust in God enough that his plan is our plan and he is ever with us even when we feel alone.
I can tell you living in a state of fear is not living at all because no matter how many times you solve your problem another will be in your face and then you will start the process all over,like a hamster in a will always be spinning in circles.

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