Saturday, June 26, 2010


I was very fortunate to have a good father who was always there for me and always wanted to help in anyway he could being both a leader and protector.
During fathers day I heard several interviews about how we are becoming a nation of people who not only devalue men and fathers but feel they are not even necessary in the lives of women and children.
This is becoming a sad norm with women feeling men are nothing more then sperm donors and are not needed in the raising of children,especially in the lives of boys.
We as a nation now feel that women can do it all.Work,raise children and do it alone.
Statistics show that more women are going to advance their educations entering medical and legal schools in larger numbers then men.
Whats happening here?
Back in the 1990's It became an accepted norm that men needed to do less as women chose to try and do more and more.
Few men at that time were standing up for their rights of being men and fathers and those that did were melined and belittled causing them to quite down and keep it to themselves,it became easier to go with the flow then swim against the current
Not so long ago men taught their sons to be men.They added the male edge that boys needed that women could not give them to be tough,hard working,hard playing guys.
Boys like girls,need to learn how to be their gender and good as women are with helping their boys grow to be loving and caring,boys need to do men things to be well rounded.
Several weeks ago while at a graduation party our friend Butch,who has 3 sons and multiple male cousins were interacting with each other.
The older boys played basketball while the little boys played plastic swords.That's when it dawned an me these are the things that fulfil our boys with that male edge.
We have become a society that disapproves of boys doing boy things,unless its sports,because we think its to violent and will make us a violent society.
Originally men were hunters and gathers they were required to hunt in order to eat and wage war with other tribes in order to protect their clan.
Men taught boys from a young age to do these violent things because we needed to survive and promote the advancement of the clan.
Men were encouraged to be protectors.
Today to many younger men have become lazy because they no longer see a need to be a leader and would rather be a follower,with little to no responsibility.
Women have encouraged and allowed this to happen because we want to control it all and run as much of the show as we can to gain the respect we felt we had none of from society back in our earlier history.
Boys need to learn to be fathers and husbands and it can not easily be done when there is no man to emulate behavior.
We need to encourage men to participation and understand that children need both the male and female sides of life in order to be who they need to be in life.
God made both male and female for a reason and to deny the male side of life is to deny the fullness of our children's personalities.

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