Friday, July 23, 2010


As I have already mentioned in a previous post DPH has been in our facility this week.
Yesterday morning while attempting to prepare myself by getting all the 8 Am things done that needed to be done,so as to be time compliant before they walked on our floor,My DON (director of nurses),walked up to me said "Good morning and proceeded to tell me what needed to be taken care of.She then said "Do you ever smile?"
To which I said "Yes but right at this moment I'm trying to concentrate".
She said "Oh,OK".
As she walked away I thought to myself how can you smile when someone tells you to?
I mean I am one of the happiest people I know when it comes to staff,patients and visitors.Just because I have important things to think about does not mean I do not greet and meet well with people.
Later I got to thinking is this a woman thing? I mean how many jobs do men work at where they are told to smile?
It just seems to me like women are always expected to smile and be pleasures to everyone.
Now don't get me wrong a good attitude is always important and I feel that when I smile its because I want to not because I'm told to.
So I have decided to give smiling more of a chance.Maybe in some ways my DON is right and a little criticism can get one to thinking...
so here goes a big smile for everyone :) have a happy day and smile......

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