Friday, January 30, 2009

8 is enough. Or is it 14?

Seems a woman in california had eight children at once,now when i was a child this would have been unheard of because mother nature dosen't work that way and if it were an odd occurance most of those babies would not have lived.
What are we doing in this country when we allow a woman with 6 children living at her parents house,with no job and going to college to have 8 more children.
It's crazy that any one who can not afford to raise 6 children should be implanted with 8 eggs.Now if you and your spouse can afford a large family then God bless you and have 3 dozen children if thats what you want but when you have 6 children no job and go to a fertility clinic for more childen then you are an irresponsible person.
This clinic should be held accountable for its poor judgement.I had one child and can tell you the first year is the hardest.How do 2 people raise this many babies? when do you sleep and eat?how do you find the money to pay for all the things these babies will need and what about the other six?they need attention also.
The doctor who implanted all those eggs should now have to pay monthly support and go to this womans house every day and help feed,change and care for these children.Let it hit home just exactly what these people will have to face on a daily basis for the next 18 years.

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Laura said...

unfortunately it's the children who will suffer. This has become a free for all society. If it feels good do it. No responsibility. Something has got to give.